1 Year Anniversary

A year has passed since Danny has been gone, and we wanted to mark the day and celebrate all that Danny achieved in his life and all that is... 'Danny Coker'. Knowing that Danny would have loved yet another party in his honour...and because... we don't do sad and miserable, we just wanted to share, celebrate, remember and enjoy all the memories we all have of what a special person Danny was.

So... with all that in mind... we asked you all to help us party in Danny's honour at his 'CELEBRATION OF LIFE' party... and party is exactly what we all did! Danny would have been so proud! 

We wanted to make it fun, if you know our family well enough we are sure your starting to see a theme and pattern! (LOL) So... we asked you all to come in FANCY DRESS! The theme was anything beginning with either 'D' or 'C' in true Danny Coker style!