"Danny's Calendar Girls" 

in aid of

Teenage Cancer Trust

As with most great ideas, this idea came after a few beers in a local Blandford pub.

For some reason i thought it would be quite easy to find 12 young ladies, have 12 pictures taken and a front cover to produce a spinoff of the WI's "Calendar Girls" using local ladies, places and companies.

Our calendar is very similar to the WI's and includes the following scenes; Champagne New Year, Sexy Skiing, A real live Horse, Juicy Jester, Flattering Flowers, Beautiful Beach and water scenes, AFC Bournemouth, Horney Halloween, Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, a very Sexy Santa and more...

We have been able to involve the following ladies in the shoot and thank them very much; Amy-Louise Churcher, Bea Passos, Emma Errington, Hannya Brown, Jasmine Kneale, Jenni Darnell, Joe Fisher, Josie Howell, Paris Vanichi, and others.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our photographer David Columb, for without him this calendar would not have been possible. May we also thank everyone who contributed their time and services through our begging, borrowing and general arm twisting.

Whilst we are half way through 2012 now, you can still purchase a calendar and help us raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust by contacting Amy Churcher via her email on the contacts page.