The Events so far...

* Danny Coker Memorial Service- Bryanston 

   25th May 2011

   Collection of cards/letters and donations during the service


* Donations made through Colin Close Funeral Directors


* Amy Churcher's Race for Life - Poole

  26 June 2011


* Jennifer Churcher's Race for Life - Luton

  26 June 2011


* Allan Dickinson and Shaun Peck's Car Boot Sale


   26 June 2011


* Danny Coker Memorial Cup

   29 June 2011

   Football match held at The Blandford School

   Blandford School teachers Vs Students


* Hannya Brown's Fundraising party for forthcoming Skydive

   2 July 2011

* Memorial Football Tournament

  3 July 2011

  Organised by Ross Dedics- Taylor and Adam Robbins


* Hamdmade "Danny" Bracelet sales

   @ The Memorial Football Tournament

   3 July 2011


* Relay for Life 2011- Ferndown

"Girls just wanna have fun" team


*  Butterfly Lost -Affinity

    Continuing to support the TCT at approx £30 a month!

                                                                      So far... £500-00

* Buy Danny a Birthday Drink Appeal

  Made possible by your generous text donations!

   "Just Giving"


* Cash Donations


*  PTW Wrestling show (30th Nov 2011)

   Raffle and Bracelet sales


*  The Danny Coker Calendar Girls Launch Party


* Calendar Sales


* EBAY sales of "Danny" Bracelets (2012)


*  PTW Wrestling show (10th Feb 2012)

   Raffle and Bracelet sales


* Grace Townsend's Marathon Sponsorship (ongoing)                                                                  £3247.00

* PTW Wrestling show (23rd March 2012)

  Raffle and Bracelet sales



Forthcoming Events...

* Calendar Girls

Calendars can still be purchased (whilst stocks last) by contacting Amy via the contact page of this website.

* Handmade "DANNY" Bracelets

Jennifer Churcher will be continuing to make the "DANNY" Braclets which are now available to purchase via EBay or by contacting her to preorder a specific design or size.

Jen can be contacted via the contact page, or view the bracelets via the link on the links page of this website.

* 2012 Relay for Life

After an amazing success in 2011, despite some very dodgy weather, we not only raised alot of money for charity, we had the best time ever!

We are already talking about organising our team for 2012 so get your names on the list and come and have some fun with us!

Get in touch with Jen via the contact to find out more information.

* Power Trip Wrestling in Luton